Wix vs WordPress: Which is the Best Website Builder?

When it comes to building a website you need to choose the best CMS/ website builder which is ideal for your business. There are many such popular platforms but Wix and WordPress are most popular.

We will have a look at both the platforms in detail to find out which is best for your business. In this detailed article we will compare Wix vs WordPress with features and pricing of each.

Wix vs WordPress

1) Features Offered by each

Wix Features

It has one of the world’s best drag and drop website builder which eases all your tasks.

You get a wide range of templates to choose from as per your niche. It boasts a collection of over 500 designer made templates.

You get mobile optimized site which is always good to have.

You can upload your own font or use their collection of over 100 fonts to begin with.

Wix also provides powerful web apps you can use to further grow your business

You can add up your own custom domain with hosting from Wix platform.

WordPress Features

WordPress on the other hand is the most popular platform to build a website. Many major companies have their websites built on WordPress. As a beginner you get SEO optimized platform which is a must have.

To start with WordPress has an easy installation process. The User interface is so easy that any beginner can adapt to it quite easily.

The WordPress dashboard lets you easily add new pages, posts, or categories to your website. Changing themes and settings is also quite hassle free process.

You get themes having less page size and faster loading time. They are responsive to any device- phone, tablet, desktop etc.

One great thing about WordPress is that you get feature rich plugins for almost everything you need- from font to cache plugins.

Building an ecommerce store is quite easy with WooCommerce, the free eCommerce plugin for WordPress users.

It is the best platform for blogging as it requires no coding experience.

2) Wix vs WordPress: Pricing and Plans

Wix Pricing

Wix vs WordPress: Pricing

The basic website builder is free with Wix. But it has limitations as it puts advertisements on your website. Also the ability of adding custom domain name is not provided with the free one. For this Wix provides you with an address like username.wix.com/sitename

The Non-Ecommerce plans of Wix include-


It is ideal for beginners, small sites, portfolios. The price you pay for this plan is $14/mo (paid annually) or $14 when paid monthly. It provides 3GB storage space with 30 minutes of video hours. You also get 24/7 customer support


This plan from Wix is ideal for small business and freelancers

The price for this plan is $18/mo (paid annually) or $23 when paid monthly. It provides 10 GB storage space with 1 hour of video hours. You also get 24/7 customer support. Site Booster (SEO) App is included in this plan which is missing in the Combo plan which helps local people find your business.

$300 Ad vouchers are given which can be used like below-

  • $100 Google Ads (with a $25 purchase)
  • Free $100 Bing Ads
  • Local Listings worth $100

With this plan you get 20 GB storage space and 2 hours of video. The price you pay is $23/mo (paid annually) or $28 when paid monthly.

The perks with this plan are- $300 Ad vouchers, Professional Logo Design, Site Booster (SEO) App as well as Events Calendar App


This is best suited for big sites/business having large userbase.

It cost you $39 /mo (paid annually) or $47 when paid monthly. It provides 35 GB storage space with 5 hours of video hours. You also get Priority customer support

You get all the perks of Pro plan included in this VIP plan.

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Wix’s Business Plans (also known as Ecommerce plans)

The Ecommerce plan lets you add products to your websites so that you can sell them easily.

Business Basic-

This is ideal for businesses starting with ecommerce. The price you pay for this plan is $23 /mo (paid annually) or $28 when paid monthly

Some features of this plan are-

  • 20GB storage space
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 0% transaction fees
Business Unlimited-

The price you pay for this plan is $27 /mo (paid annually) or $33 when paid monthly

Some features of this plan are-

  • 35 GB storage space
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Up to 1000 product reviews
  • Dropshipping of Up to 250 products
Business VIP-

The price you pay for this plan is $49 /mo (paid annually) or $56 when paid monthly

Some features of this plan are-

  • 50 GB storage space
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Up to 3000 product reviews
  • Dropshipping – unlimited products

Wix also has enterprise plan costing $500 per month for enterprise business needing large scalability.

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WordPress Pricing

WordPress on the other hand requires a domain and web hosting to start a website. But it is usually cheaper and scalable with lots of plugins supported.

You can get a domain from GoDaddy easily for your custom brand name. For hosting we recommend Bluehost for beginners as it cost less and provides great service.

Here are the basic hosting plans of Bluehost- It starts with $2.95 per month as you can see below

Bluehost Pricing

You get great themes and plugins for free which makes it popular choice than Wix.

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3) Wix vs WordPress: Which is best for an ecommerce store?

When it comes to ecommerce store, Wix doesn’t provide you to build one with free plan. For this you need to get the paid plans mentioned above.

For integrating apps and services you need to pay extra thus adding it up to your cost.

On the other hand WordPress provides WooCommerce platform which is the best in the market. Do you know, 42% of all ecommerce websites are made with WooCommerce Yes it is huge.

WordPress also offers free themes and plugins which help you a lot in building your ecommerce store. Just get your hosting and domain and you should be good to go.

4) Ease of use

Wix lets you easily build a website with drag and drop features. It helps beginners deploy their site or store without having to learn much and spend lot of time.

On the other hand with WordPress you will have to spend some time to learn the basics. But this will hardly take some time with the resources like video tutorials available online for free. With WordPress you can scale quickly after learning the basics.

5)UI Design

Wix comes with 500+ pre-made templates which are fully responsive and mobile friendly. Using the easy editor you can just drag and drop items and build your site faster.

The range of choosing templates varies as per niche. Some popular niches are business, online store, music, video etc. for which you get ready templates to choose.

You get greatly optimized themes to work on with WordPress as there are many developers around the world working on this platform. The free themes are great and highly optimized or you can also choose premium themes. You get unlimited choices when it comes to WordPress as it is most widely used platform today.


Best Wix and WordPress Alternatives

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So who is the real winner in this comparison of Wix vs WordPress? You guessed it right we prefer WordPress for any kind of website may it be a simple blog or an ecommerce store. It is more flexible and has ample options when it comes to customizations and building UI.

With Bluehost and WordPress you can build a site very easily and it costs less. Also Bluehost offers you a Domain name entirely free of cost. Bluehost hosting is better than Wix as it is a Web hosting provider. It comes with better resources to build and scale your website.