Wix vs Bluehost Comparison – Find your Top pick in 2021?

Wix and Bluehost are two popular names when it comes to building a website. This comparison covers all the aspects you need to decide which is better for your business.

Both Wix and Bluehost are optimal solutions needed to start a website, but both are also quite different from each other. Bluehost offers web hosting solutions whereas Wix is a website builder.

Let us see both these website building solutions one by one and compare Wix vs Bluehost to see which is best in 2021.

Wix vs Bluehost

Wix vs Bluehost Comparison

About both solutions

Wix is a website builder just like WordPress. Its starting price is $14 per month. In this you get free domain for 1 year and and 3GB storage space to host your website.

Bluehost on the other hand provides domain name and web hosting solutions starting at $2.95 per month. First you need to get a web hosting to host your website. This is the server where your website lives. Also with Bluehost you get a free domain name- all at just $2.95 per month.

After getting domain name and hosting, you can install WordPress as a CMS (Content Management system) to build your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It is free to use as long as you have your own hosting purchased.

Here is the summary:


  • Costs just $14 per month.
  • You get free domain for 1 year, 3 GB SSD Storage for hosting your website.
  • You use free Wix platform to build your website
  • Often compared with WordPress CMS


  • Bluehost is not a Website builder but it is a Web hosting solution
  • You use free WordPress platform to build your website
  • Costs just $2.95 per month.
  • You get free domain for 1 year, 50 GB SSD Storage for hosting your website.


The entry level plans of Bluehost start at just $2.95 per month whereas for Wix it costs $14 per month. Thus, when compared Bluehost is way cheaper than Wix.


Features of Wix

Wix vs Bluehost Features

Wix is best when it comes to ease-of-use. It is one the easiest-to-use platforms available. It comes with over 500 designer-made templates which are ready to use.

Your website will be mobile optimized so that it works perfectly as it works on the Web.

Wix’s innovative drag and drop feature lets you build your site faster as compared to other platforms. Wix ADI helps you deploy your website hassle free.

Wix website has has built-in SEO so that your website can rank in search engines just like with any other website builders available.

You get a custom domain name free to use for 1 year along with Professional Mailbox. AFree SSL certificate so that your site loads securely.

You can build a Beautiful Storefront easilywith WIX so that you can sell digital or physical goods online easily.

Wix offers great support via email or phone. It also provides a robust knowledge base so that you can find answers to your questions easily.

WordPress Features-

Wix vs WordPress features

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, thanks to its vast community of developers offering rich plugins and great themes for building your website.

It offers great plugins for your site, from cache to image compression, WordPress has extensive plugins to optimize your site for better performance.

Select a responsive theme and you will have a mobile optimized WordPress site in minutes. One great advantage of using WordPress is that you get themes having page size less than 50 kb which lowers your bandwidth consumption. This in turn saves a lot of hosting fees required.

 You get in depth stats which are accurate so that any improvements can be made easily when required.

WordPress is best for SEO. It greatly improves your ranking in Search results. There is no such platform greatly optimized for SEO as WordPress.

Self-hosted platforms offer top performance and faster speeds. You can manage your website whichever the way you want.

Ease of use

Wix is definitely easier to use than Bluehost. Just select the Wix plan you want to go with and then use its widely popular drag and drop feature to get your website up and running within minutes.

WordPress has a lot to offer than Wix as it is a CMS. Any beginner can easily get adapted to beautiful WordPress UI. You need to spend some time initially to setup your website with WordPress, but once you have this done you’ll always choose WordPress as your favorite platform to build sites.

Server Locations

Wix provides server up-time of 99.8% which is industry standard. It has server locations around the world with Europe and US as the primary locations. They also have back up servers if needed.

Bluehost has its server location in North America as well as in Asia. Bluehost excels in providing web hosting solutions. So if you are looking for more than a website builder, Bluehost is the ideal choice as it has more to offer when it comes to choosing servers.

Wix vs Bluehost Plans and Pricing

Both Wix and Bluehost offer many plans to build and host your website online. Here is an overview of its pricing and plans.

Wix Plans and Pricing

Wix Pricing

Wix plans are divided in two categories-

1) Website Plans

Wix has 4 plans in this category- Combo, Unlimited, Pro and VIP.

The entry level plan i.e. Combo has following features to offer-

  • This plan is ideal for beginners, small sites, portfolios.
  • Provides 3GB SSD
  • Pricing- $14/mo (paid annually) or $14 when paid monthly. Includes 24/7 customer support

2) Unlimited Plan

This plan is best for small business and freelancers

  • Provides 10 GB SSD
  • Pricing- $18/mo (paid annually) or $23 when paid monthly.
  • Includes Site Booster (SEO) App
  • $300 Ad vouchers

3) Pro Plan

This plan is ideal for beginners, small sites, portfolios.

  • Pricing- $23/mo (paid annually) or $28 when paid monthly.
  • Provides 20 GB SSD
  • Includes add-on features

4) VIP plan

This plan is best for big sites/business

  • Pricing- $39/mo (paid annually) or $47 when paid monthly.
  • Provides 35 GB SSD
  • Includes Visitor Analytics App, Professional logo as well

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2) Wix Ecommerce and business plans

They serve best for ecommerce sites needing to accept payments online.

It include 3 plans as follows-

1) Business Basic-

  • Pricing- $23/mo (paid annually) or $28 when paid monthly.
  • Provides 20 GB SSD
  • Unlimited bandwidth support

2) Business Unlimited

  • Pricing- $27/mo (paid annually) or $33 when paid monthly.
  • Provides 35 GB SSD
  • Unlimited bandwidth support

3) Business VIP-

  • Pricing- $49/mo (paid annually) or $56 when paid monthly.
  • Provides 50GB SSD
  • Unlimited bandwidth support

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Bluehost Plans and Pricing

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost hosting plans start from $ 2.95 per month. It offers various type of hosting like Shared and WordPress hosting, with Shared hosting being most popular.

Shared Hosting Plans of Bluehost-

1) BASIC Plan-

  • Pricing- $2.95 /mo
  • Provides 50GB SSD
  • Free Domain name and SSL
  • Custom themes included

2) PLUS Plan-

  • Pricing- $5.45 /mo
  • Unlimited websites can be added
  • Provides Unlimited SSD
  • Free Domain name and SSL
  • Free Office 365 for 30 days


  • Pricing- $5.45 /mo
  • Unlimited websites can be added
  • Unlimited SSD by Bluehost
  • Free Domain name with SSL
  • Domain Privacy included free

4) PRO Plan-

  • Pricing- $13.95 /mo
  • Use of Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD support
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • All perks from above plans

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Wix vs Bluehost : Benefits

Bluehost vs Wix Security

Wix offers multi-layered website security so that your site is safe from threats and attacks. It has Level 1 PCI Compliant and ISO certifications when it comes to security standards. Some security features of Wix are-

1) Wix provides SSL certificates for all your websites so that you can keep connections secure over an HTTPS connection. This improves user experience and also is proved to be a search engine ranking factor.

2) Wix also adds additional TLS 1.2 security to your website. This in turn helps to keep all transactions on your site private.

3) Wix also offers DDoS Protection as it has tested its servers to prevent hacks and threats.

4) You also get 24/7 security monitoring by Wix to ensure the platform is safe and secure every time.

Bluehost on the other hand has its own security measures for the websites it hosts. Some of them are as follows-

1) Bluehost offers free SSL certificates for all your websites which lowers initial setup fees required.

2) You can enable SSO as well as create IP address blacklists, password-protected directories to ensure your website is secure.

3) Bluehost uses SiteLock for scanning your website from virus as well as malwares.

4) Similar to Wix ,it performs 24/7 network monitoring on its servers to ensure they are always up and running.

Wix vs Bluehost Speed, Uptime & Performance

Both Wix and Bluehost provide great Uptime, Speed & Performance. But the latter has more resources to optimize your website for faster loading and efficient performance as it is a web hosting company.

Pros and Cons

Wix Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Use
  • Quickly setup your site
  • Hosting included with website builder
  • Great templates to use


  • Server resources are not better than Bluehost
  • Pricing is way more than Bluehost

Bluehost Pros and cons


  • Great domain and hosting service
  • Reliable servers with great uptime and performance
  • Best for blogs and websites
  • Free perks like SSL and CDN
  • Powerful advanced platform accompanied by WordPress


– You need to design your site on your own ( But pre made WordPress themes make it easier)

Best Bluehost Hosting Alternatives

Here are some Bluehost Aternatives to Consider-

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So which of the two is best for you? Here’s the answer you are looking for-

Wix is ideal for those who want to start their business and get online quickly. It is ideal for any beginner looking for an easy to use platform with powerful features.

Bluehost is the best and powerful platform for those needing to host a website/ blog online. Its servers are ideal for websites using many images. It has powerful features and plugins to optimize your site for future and scale it easily when needed.

This was our Wix vs Bluehost comparison. We discussed all the factors needed to compare these great services. As of now for ease of use and more features we recommend you to choose Bluehost over Wix. Also have a look at our other articles featuring Website Builders and Web hosting-

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