SiteGround vs Flywheel- Which is the Best for WordPress in 2021?

Looking for a Managed WordPress hosting platform? This article covers two top web hosting providers with detailed features and pros, cons of each. Flywheel’s services are optimized for WordPress users whereas SiteGround provides services ranging from Web hosting to Cloud hosting.

When it comes to choosing the hosting type. i.e Shared, VPS or Managed WordPress hosting there is always a decision to be made. But Managed WordPress hosting is the clear winner as it offers many more features than a small Shared or VPS server.

A managed server is easily scalable and offers great competitive advantage. It is the ideal choice when it comes to scaling small or medium business. This SiteGround vs Flywheel comparison will help you choose between the two.

SiteGround vs Flywheel
SiteGround vs Flywheel

What is Managed WordPress Hosting and its advantages?

A Managed WordPress Hosting is best for small and medium businesses as well as high traffic blogs. It saves manpower, time required and offers great all round performance. Here are some of the advantages of Managed WordPress hosting.

1) Great performance-

These type of servers are proven powerhouses when it comes to supporting sites that are optimized specifically for WordPress. The uptime is superior as compared to other types of web hosting solutions. The greater the uptime the higher the rankings in SERPs.

Thus, this is the best option for any WordPress site as it provides an ideal close to 100 percent uptime.

2) Scalable-

The Managed WordPress Hosting is greatly scalable when needed. Suppose you get lot of traffic suddenly, in this case an optimized hosting solution will take care of it so you don’t have any downtime.

3) Automatic Backups-

You get automated backups so that if anything goes wrong then you can use the backup to restore a previous state. For example Flywheel offers Backups taken every night and stored for 30 days which is great.

4) Security-

The Managed WordPress Hosting greatly handles security. They do not compromise when it comes to keeping your site safe and secure. These hosting providers offer top notch support when it comes to handling security.

5) Premium DNS-

Most shared or VPS hosting solutions don’t provide premium DNS. But most Managed WordPress hosts offer this feature at no extra cost.

This were the important advantages to keep in mind which come with Managed WordPress hosting.

How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service

When it comes to choosing the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service you need to consider few important factors before the purchase. The factors are as follows-


The pricing should be affordable for both small and large businesses. The features offered should be good as per pricing. Look for Free SSL certificate included in your hosting plans which lowers setup costs required initially.


Performance is the number one factor when it comes to choosing an ideal host. What if you find that you site is slow? This should never happen. The ideal hosting service is the one which provides top speed and faster page loading time. This will boost your SERP rankings and you will get more traffic.


Look for good security features in your hosting plans as nobody wants to see an unsecured site. The servers should have advanced security modules needed nowadays for any website. Most reputed hosting providers provide these security features in almost all hosting plans.

Around-the-clock support-

The support provided by the hosting company should be good and ideally it should be 24/7. Many hosting companies nowadays provide such support. Always look for such basic support which will help you if you have any queries and concerns.

SiteGround vs Flywheel- Review & Comparison


SiteGround hosts more than 2 million domains worldwide. You get affordable hosting plans which come with unmatched quality and lightening fast speed.

Flywheel on the other hand provides fast, secure, and reliable hosting solutions as well. It provides workflow tools needed to build websites which is great.


The pricing of SiteGround starts at $6.99 per month whereas Flywheel has its entry level hosting plans priced at $13 per month.

Server locations

You get North America, Europe and Asian regions supported by SiteGround whereas Flywheel also has similar server locations- North America, Europe and Asia.

Customer support

SiteGround provides Phone, chat, email as well as forum support when needed. Flywheel’s support includes Phone, email, chat as well as KB . Forum support is not provided by Flywheel though.

Payments Supported

Both SiteGround and Flywheel offer multiple payment options. PayPal, Credit card are some of the supported payment options you can choose.

SiteGround vs Flywheel Hosting Plans Comparison

Now let us have a detailed look below at the hosting plans of both SiteGround and Flywheel.

1) WordPress Hosting Plans

Both SiteGround and Flywheel provide plans specially optimized for WordPress websites. Let us have a look at them one by one.

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting-

SiteGround Managed WordPress hosting plans

There are 3 WordPress hosting plans provided by SiteGround- StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. Let us see which perfectly fits your business.

StartUp WordPress Plan-

This is the entry level WordPress plan which starts from $6.99 per month. You can add up to 1 website in this plan with 10 GB Web Space provided. This is good for beginners but to make it an ideal purchase we recommend going with the GrowBig plan as it supports unlimited websites.

GrowBig WordPress Plan-

You get 20 GB Web Space in addition to unlimited websites support. The traffic is unmetered as in case of the StartUp WordPress Plan. Some addon features that you get in this plan are On-demand Backup Copies Ultrafast, PHP Staging and Add Collaborators.

GoGeek WordPress Plan-

You get twice the web space as compare to GrowBig WordPress Plan. The traffic is unmetered and the pricing starts at $14.99 per month. It also support use of unlimited websites.

Other free perks that you get with SiteGround in all its 3 WordPress hosting plans are- Free SSL, CDN and Email. You also get WordPress Autoupdates and 30 day money back guarantee.

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Flywheel WordPress Hosting Plans-

Flywheel provides one of the best Managed WordPress hosting plans. Let us have a look at these plans one by one. When you purchase its hosting plans annually you get 2 months of free hosting with all the plans.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Plans
Tiny Plan-

It is Ideal for small, simple installs. You can add 1 WordPress website which can support around 5,000 monthly visits. You get 5 GB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth in this plan. This is ideal only for beginners and we recommend choosing the Starter Plan altleast.

Note- You can add Additional sites at $20/month/site.

Starter Plan-

It is priced at $25 per month with 10 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth. It supports 25,000 monthly visits which is a good starting point for any WordPress user.

Freelance Plan-

This plan is good as it supports up to 10 websites ideal for many freelancers. This plan handles 100,000 monthly visits with 20 GB disk space and 200 GB bandwidth.

Agency Plan-

Any agency needing optimized Managed WordPress host should choose this plan. This plan is tailor made for agencies around the world as it supports up to 30 websites. This plan handles 400,000 monthly visits with 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth.

Custom plan-

This plan is custom and can be featured as per requirement.

View all Flywheel Plans

Other free perks that you get with Flywheel in all its WordPress hosting plans are- PHP 7.4 Ready, FlyCache, Auto-Healing Technology in case of service failure, SSL certificates etc.

2) Dedicated Hosting

Only SiteGround provides Dedicated hosting options.

The plan features- 16 GB RAM, 480 GB Storage with 4 x 3.20GHz CPU. This is a great option if you need dedicated hosting. It costs $257.99/mo and is named as Entry Server Plan.

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3) SiteGround vs Flywheel Cloud Hosting

When it comes to Cloud hosting SiteGround gives best hosting plans. However Flywheel doesn’t provide separate cloud hosting plans.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans

Entry Plan-
Pricing- $75.39/mo

2 x 3.00 GHz CPU
40 GB SSD provided
5 TB Bandwidth support

View more Cloud Plans

SiteGround vs. Flywheel Speed

Both SiteGround and Flywheel perform great when it comes to speed. But who is the real winner?

FlyWheel has an edge over SiteGround as it has more resources specially optimized for WordPress users. Its CDN is managed by Fastly which is leading CDN provider. CDN speeds up page loads quite effectively as it handles over 60 percent of website’s bandwidth.

Both SiteGround and Flywheel are top picks among other hosts available, but Flywheel definitely takes the number 1 spot.

Pros & Cons

SiteGround Pros-

  • SiteGround is known for its faster page load times which boosts SEO of your website.
  • You get PHP 7.3 hosting which is one of the latest PHP versions supported by SiteGround.
  • The customer service is good and you wont have to wait a long for your query to be solved by SiteGround.
  • It support unlimited databases even with the entry level plans.
  • You get 30 days money back guarantee on all hosting plans.
  • You also get Managed WordPress by SiteGround which is good for WordPress users.
  • SiteGround recently introduced Centralized DNS for faster hosting

Flywheel Pros-

  • Flywheel has made its name when it comes to providing WordPress hosting.
  • It provides FlyCache which applies caching exclusions when it comes to common WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Lets you clone websites easily.
  • Free SSL certificate provided by Flywheel which lowers initial website setup costs.
  • Flywheel offers free website migrations.
  • You get 24/7 chat support in case you need it.

SiteGround Cons-

– Entry level plan supports only one website.

Flywheel Cons-

– Tiny and Starter plans support only one website.


Shared vs Managed Hosting, which is better?

Obviously Managed hosting is best as it has better resources for your business. The uptime and server response time is great when it comes to Managed WordPress hosting. Whereas in other types of hosting like shared hosting you get to see downtime a lot as it has shared resources.

The customer support is not that great when it comes to Shared hosting thus many freelancers and businesses avoid it. But Shared hosting proves an ideal choice for beginners with limited budget.

Managed WordPress hosting is usually better than Shared or VPS hosting when it comes to resources and performance. It proves as the pioneer hosting solution for many websites and businesses.

What is managed wordpress hosting or what does managed wordpress hosting mean?

Managed WordPress hosting is ideal for WordPress sites as it has resources specially optimized for it. This usually leads in better performance and scalability. It also features automatic WordPress updates and automatic backups as well. So it is like a perfect hosting optimized for WordPress sites.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

Managed hosting proves a lifesaver if you do not have much knowledge when it comes to technical stuff. This is the greatest advantage of managed WordPress hosting. It helps in easily running a websites without having to consider the tech stuff.

SiteGround vs Flywheel? Which is best for me?

FlyWheel is better than SiteGround when it comes to speed and resources tailor made for WordPress websites.

Which is the best Managed WordPress hosting for you?

As outlined above you should look for the factors like pricing, performance when choosing a Managed WordPress hosting. Look for features that fit perfectly with your requirements. Some popular hosts provide all these features along with great customer support


The prices for WordPress hosting aren’t that steep and they can prove value for money options for many. For getting the most out of WordPress, always go with Managed WordPress hosting solutions without any hesitation. So which one fits perfectly for you? Let us see-


SiteGround is perfect for those budget and who need good quality hosting with great uptime. However it has hiked its prices in the recent time and due to it many webmasters are migrating to other Managed WordPress platforms like FlyWheel and WP Engine.


For those needing advanced WordPress features at an excellent price, Flywheel is the ideal choice. However there are better options available, specially with reliable Managed WordPress platforms like Kinsta and WP Engine.

This was our detailed SiteGround vs. Flywheel comparison. We discussed all the metrics related to both these great Managed WordPress hosts. You can read the followed additional blog posts which will help you choose your ideal Managed WordPress solution.

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