Kinsta vs Pressidium- Which is the Best Managed WordPress Host in 2021?

When it comes to hosting a WordPress website, a Managed WordPress Hosting solution proves the best with the ample features it offers. But selecting the Best Managed WordPress Hosting can be a daunting task. There are many such popular hosting providers- Kinsta, Pressidium, SiteGround, WP Engine etc. This article covers Kinsta vs Pressidium hosting comparison to determine which is the best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider.

When choosing a CMS for a website, WordPress is the number one choice of many webmasters around the world. With its features and UI specifically designed for ease of use and simplicity, WordPress is a powerful CMS to have.

Now let us compare Kinsta and Pressidium with detailed hosting plans, pros/ cons and more additional metrics.

Kinsta vs Pressidium

Kinsta vs Pressidium: Comparison and Review

About both hosts


Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider which fits perfectly for small as well as large websites. The best thing about Kinsta that we like is its top notch support. This is one of many such reasons which make Kinsta best value for money service provider. Kinsta handles your site with utmost care so that you can work on growing your business. This also lessens your dependence on the technical stuff.


Pressidium on the other hand is also one of the most searched Managed WordPress Hosting provider. It is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies around the world. It has specialist DevOps support teams which provide prompt support. One thing to note about Pressidium is that their data centers are located around the world with presence in more than 40+ locations.

Kinsta vs Pressidium: Pricing

Kinsta’s entry level hosting plan starts at $30 per month when paid monthly. The great thing about Kinsta is that when you choose to pay annually, you get 2 months of free hosting.

Pressidium has its entry level plan named “Personal” which costs $42 per month when billed annually. It supports 3 WordPress installs as compare to Kinsta’s only 1 WordPress install with the entry level plan.

Server Locations

Kinsta supports many server locations- North America, South America, Asia, Europe etc. This works perfectly for websites which needs to be optimized for many regions. For example a site having most of its users in Asia can have the Asian server to reach its visitors faster. The same works for all the regions.

Pressidium as outlined earlier has rich server locations with presence in more than 40 locations. Some of them include North America, Europe, Oceania & Asia Pacific. Pressidium is equally as good as Kinsta when it comes to providing region specific resources for your website.

Kinsta vs Pressidium: Features

Kinsta Features-

  1. Many companies prefer Kinsta over all other a Managed WordPress Hosting Providers when it comes to getting the best support. They take equal care of your website may it be small or large. They are well known for fastest support whenever it is required.
  2. The dashboard is User-friendly and powerfully designed with beginners in mind. The control center known as MyKinsta has all the tools required to manage your website in one location. You can track visitors, bandwidth usage of all your sites at one place.
  3. The Granular Access feature lets you easily add any number of users to your team. You can add roles as developers, administrators, etc. and give those needed rights to manage your websites.
  4. It offers 30 day money-back guarantee and 2 months free hosting if paid annually. You can easily upgrade or downgrade the servers as per need and convenience.
  5. It is powered by Google Cloud Platform which is one of the best cloud platforms available in the world. The Google cloud platform has 24 global data centers locations. Some popular clients of Kinsta include Ubisoft, Buffer, Flippa etc.

Pressidium Features-

  1. The best thing we like about Pressidium is its great support. The DevOps Support team is probably the best team to have as a support extension to your business. They provide optimal solutions and manage your site with utmost care and priority.
  2. Reliability is the other aspect of Pressidium’s greatness. The N-Tier Enterprise High-Availability was brought to WordPress users by Pressidium earlier than any other host. Similarly the systems engineering technology is a great found by Pressidium to optimize your website.
  3. Pressidium provides lightening faster speed and page load times than other stand-alone or VPS servers. It has load-balanced fleet of systems so that your website gets fastest speed. It boosts your SERP rankings and leaves your competition far behind.
  4. The other great thing about Pressidium its high rated security for every site it hosts. You do not need to worry when it comes to security and safety of your site from hackers.
  5. Pressidium also provides Enterprise Managed WooCommerce Hosting as well as hosting optimized for WordPress LearnDash.
  6. Other notable features of Pressidium include- Use of One-click WordPress Staging Environments and instant backups. Some popular clients of Pressidium include Backlinko, Unicef, LearnDash etc.

Kinsta vs Pressidium: Hosting Plans

Kinsta Hosting Plans

It provides 2 months free hosting when paid annually. This is applicable to all the plans including the entry level plans.

Kinsta Pricing

Starter Plan-

It is ideal for beginners with looking to host only 1 WordPress website. It is designed for upto 25k visits per month.

Some features of this plan are-

  • 25k monthly unique visits
  • 1 WordPress site can be added
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 50 GB free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 14 days backup retention
  • Free Premium migrations- 1 site supported

Get 2 months free

Kinsta Pro Plan-

It is ideal for 2 WordPress installs. It is designed for upto 50k visits per month.

Some features of this plan are-

  • 50k monthly unique visits can be handled
  • 2 WordPress site supported
  • 20 GB SSD provided
  • 100 GB free CDN
  • Site cloning support
  • Multisite support
  • Free Premium migrations-2  sites supported

Kinsta Business Plans-

Here are the 4 Business plans offered by Kinsta:

Kinsta further provides Business Plans which come with additional features like more SSD space and Bandwidth. With the business plans you can host upto 40 WordPress sites.

100k monthly Visits
5 WordPress sites
250k monthly Visits
10 WordPress sites
400k monthly Visits
20 WordPress sites
600k monthly Visits
40 WordPress sites

Kinsta Enterprise Plans-

The Enterprise plans further improve the Business plans by adding great scalability features and performance. They are suited for sites getting millions of monthly hits. You can host upto 150 sites with thet highest Enterprise plan.

1,000,000 monthly Visits
60 WordPress sites
100 GB SSD
1,500,000 monthly Visits
80 WordPress sites
150 GB SSD
2,000,000 monthly Visits
120 WordPress sites
200 GB SSD
3,000,000 monthly Visits
150 WordPress sites
250 GB SSD

See all Plans

Pressidium Hosting Plans

Pressidium also provides 2 months free hosting when paid annually. It also provides 60-day money back guaranteed. Now let us look at all the 5 hosting plans offered by Pressidium in detail.

Pressidium Plans and Pricing

Pressidium Micro Plan-

It is the entry level plan of Pressidium which supports only 1 WordPress Website. Though the bandwidth provided in this plan is unlimited but the plan is designed for upto 10k visits per month. It costs $21 per month when billed annually. The SSD space provided is 5 GB with free backups and migrations.

Some salient features of this plan are as follows-

  • 5 GB SSD storage
  • Up to 10k unique visits per month
  • 1 WordPress site supported
  • Enterprise High Availability and SSL Management
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • 24/7 Expert Support by DevOps Engineers

Get 2 months free

Pressidium Personal Plan-

Next up is the Personal Plan priced at $42 per month which supports addition of upto 3 WordPress Websites. It is designed for upto 30k visits per month with 10 GB SSD space and unlimited bandwidth.

Salient features of this plan are as follows-

  • 10 GB SSD storage provided
  • Handles Up to 30k unique visits per month
  • 3 WordPress sites supported
  • HTTP/2 Powered CDN provided free(which costs $10 per month in the above plan)
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Latest PHP Versions (supported up to PHP7.x)

Pressidium Professional Plan-

The Professional Plan goes one step ahead of both the plans mentioned above. It can hosts as many as 10 WordPress Websites. The Professional Plan is priced at $125 per month.

Salient features-

  • 20 GB SSD storage given
  • 10 WordPress sites supported
  • Handles Up to 100k unique visits per month
  • Load Balanced Server Clusters
  • HTTP/2 Powered CDN
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL included

Pressidium Business Plan-

The Business plan comes with a Dedicated Account Manager which is not provided in the above plans by Pressidium. The Business Plan is priced at $250 per month and is designed for 500k visits per month. All the other features of Personal and Professional Plans are included in this plan.

Salient features-

  • 30 GB SSD storage given
  • 25 WordPress sites can be managed
  • Handles Up to 500k unique visits per month
  • Full HTTP/2 Support
  • Enterprise SSL Management
  • All features from Personal and Professional Plans

Pressidium Business Plus Plan-

This hosting plan from Pressidium costs $500 per month. Some Salient features of this plan are-

  • 40 GB SSD storage given
  • 50 WordPress sites supported
  • Handles Up to 1million unique visits per month
  • Load Balanced Server Clusters
  • All other features included from above plans

You can also request Enterprise Plans as they have plans specially designed for your business needs. These custom made plans start at $790 per month.

Some features of this plans are-

  • Unlimited WordPress websites
  • Millions of monthly visits supported
  • 24×7 on-call engineers
  • Dedicated account managers

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Kinsta vs. Pressidium: Benefits


Kinsta Security

Kinsta promises High security network and powerfully delivers it. It continuously monitors for uptime, DDoS attacks and other security related concepts. You can entirely trust them to host your site with all the security features needed. Your site is monitored and secured with 24/7 support in all the locations.

Some security features of Kinsta are-
  • DDoS detection and mitigation
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SSL support for all websites
  • Hardware firewalls as well
  • Hack fix guarantee with Proactive prevention and Instant relief

Pressidium Security

Pressidium follows Multi-layered security mechanisms ensuring your site is safe from threats and malwares. You do not need to worry about the security aspect when it comes to Pressidium. Both Kinsta and Pressidium use latest technology to secure the websites and thus are renowned leaders when it comes to securing Managed WordPress sites.

Some security features of Pressidium are-
  • End-to-end managed security provided
  • Malware monitoring as well as auto-removal
  • Bad-bots filtering solutions
  • SFTP only service with SFTP Sub-Accounts
  • Fully locked-down environment to enhance security further

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Uptime, Speed & Performance

Kinsta Uptime features

  • Monitoring of uptime
  • Hardware firewalls
  • DDoS detection

Some Speed & Performance features of Kinsta are:

  • Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers
  • Compute-optimized virtual machines
  • MariaDB support

Some Uptime features of Pressidium are:

  • Highly-available load balanced architecture which never fails
  • Managed WP core auto-updates provided
  • Full Server Management & DevOps environment for 100 percent uptime
  • Fault tolerant Enterprise grade server clusters which never fail to deliver great performance

Some Speed & Performance features of Pressidium are:

  • Dynamic load balancing system for optimal performance
  • SSL Acceleration for faster speeds
  • Latest PHP versions available
  • Automatic image optimization for better utilization of resources
  • PHP OPCache provided

Kinsta vs Pressidium: Pros and Cons

Pros of Kinsta

  • It guarantees Blazing fast speed due to SSD storage used. The page load time is great thanks to its great server architecture. The cloud infrastructure also helps in better utilization of resources.
  • Kinsta is trusted by many reputed websites due to its 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Many businesses often go with Kinsta for its unmatched quality support as well.
  • Kinsta offers Simple set-up and migration services. If you need to migrate your site, the Kinsta team takes care of it.
  • The servers are optimized for ecommerce if you are looking to build an online store. It also offers many features to help build one.
  • Kinsta has wide range of plans to choose from. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime as per your traction.

Pressidium Pros

  • Pressidium provides reliable and fast servers which are ideal for many websites. The servers can be largely scaled and they have great hosting plans to support the same.
  • You get SLA backed 99.95% uptime guarantee which is great. They also continuously monitor the servers ensuring availability of the same.
  • Pressidium provides 60-day money-back guarantee which is always good to have. Many hosts we have reviewed provide 30 or 45 days money-back guarantee, but Pressidium takes it one step ahead with extended period.
  • The Control Panel is easy to use and intuitive. You definitely won’t have any problems adapting to its user interface.
  • You don’t have to worry about the secruity as its is completely handled by Pressidium with top notch support.

Kinsta Cons

– Phone support is not included by Kinsta, but they have a great ticketing system to support you.

Pressidium Cons

– It does not provide email hosting.


Both Kinsta and Pressidium are value for money hosts when you are looking for an enterprise level hosting. But Kinsta is slightly better due to its robust Google Cloud architecture. It is more established than Pressidium and is currently considered the best Managed WordPress host.

Thus, in this Kinsta vs Pressidium comparison, Kinsta wins the race is it has more to offer to sky rocket your business.

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